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LLC “Ukrbrass” is a specialized enterprise in Kharkov for the purchase, high-quality processing of non-ferrous scrap metal with further production of rolled metal. Our company accepts non-ferrous scrap metal in Kharkov on a regular basis.

These materials are constantly in demand in various categories of industry, and brass alloy – especially. It is used in many industries. Therefore, the purchase of non-ferrous scrap with their further high-quality processing contributes to meeting the needs of metallurgical, instrument-making, machine-building and other industries, as well as saving minerals.

Regular purchase of non-ferrous scrap metal in Kharkov

The cost of non-ferrous metal is subject to fluctuations. Therefore, the most experienced specialists of our company monitor the market, keeping the best price for non-ferrous metals in Kharkov. You won’t find a better deal! Check out the price list and see for yourself.

LLC “Ukrbrass” always guards the interests of the client. During our existence on the market, we managed to gain a foothold in the corresponding niche, gain a high reputation as a bona fide partner, for whom the purchase of scrap metal in Kharkov is a responsible, multi-tasking work.

When evaluating scrap, its quantitative and qualitative indicators are objectively taken into account, as a result of which the highest price is assigned.

Thanks to the efforts of our specialists, you will get rid of metal rubbish cluttering construction, industrial workshops, sites, and we will get the necessary recyclable materials.

Registration of an application is possible in two ways, from which each client chooses the preferred one:

  • by telephone, providing managers with contact information, the purpose of the appeal, full name;
  • online by filling out the appropriate form with similar items directly on the website.

In any case, the representative of “Ukrbrass” will definitely contact you to agree on further actions, the terms of the future deal, which will suit both parties.

If you want to significantly save time, please contact Ukrbrass. The most relevant prices, the highest service, fast implementation of the transaction are the indisputable advantages of a trusted organization.

The enterprise LLC “Ukrbrass” purchases non-ferrous metal scrap in any volume for the purpose of its further processing.

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